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AFIC and PEFC Create Roadmap for a Sustainable Furniture Supply Chain

A key component to ensuring the development of our furniture industry is securing legal and sustainable wood products that ensure responsible manufacturing which in turn meets the new laws as well as buying preferences of today’s educated consumers. AFIC and PEFC embarks on a four-year journey to improve sustainability outcomes throughout the furniture supply chain in the ASEAN region. From 2021 to 2025, our sustainability roadmap includes the following key goals:

1. Raise awareness on the importance of sustainably sourced forest and tree-based materials which subsequently boost demand for certified materials.

2. Build capacity in the wood-based supply chain to facilitate members and companies to reach sustainability goals. 3. Support companies who want to demonstrate legal and sustainable sourcing with PEFC certification.

4. Improve knowledge sharing between PEFC and AFIC.

The first stage of the project will deliver capacity building and build awareness and visibility for both AFIC and PEFC through various activities such as digital marketing, webinars, trainings, educational promotional materials events and business matching. This supports companies who want to demonstrate their legal and sustainable sourcing with PEFC certification.

The second stage calls for the creation of an ASEAN Furniture Sustainability Award to recognize companies that demonstrate a commitment to sustainable practices, including sourcing.With this collaboration, AFIC members will have a better understanding on the benefits of working with certified wood sources, and gain access to the many PEFC suppliers that will help us attain our goal of integrating sustainability in our manufacturing processes.






For Supply chain companies that manufacture, process, trade or sell forest-based products

· Core Documents

Chain of custody of forest and tree based products – Requirements (ST 2002:2020)

This standard lays out the requirements for chain of custody certification for forest based products – the conditions a company must meet to achieve PEFC certification. During the certification process, the certification body will assess the company against the requirements set out in this document. If the company complies, they will receive their PEFC chain of custody certificate.

PEFC Trademarks Rules (ST 2001:2020)

This standard covers the requirements for users of the PEFC trademarks (the PEFC logo and initials) to ensure their accurate, verifiable, relevant, and non-misleading use.

· Additional Documents

Covid-19: Chain of custody auditing guidance for certification bodies and certified companies

Guidance for chain of custody auditing of PEFC certified companies affected by restrictions due to COVID-19.

Accepted abbreviation and translations of the PEFC International chain of custody claims

While the official PEFC chain of custody claims are in English, PEFC provides a list of accepted translations, and an abbreviation, that certified
entities can use, and requirements on how to use them.

Template: Outsourcing Agreement

Template for a PEFC Chain of Custody Outsourcing Agreement, developed in relation to requirement 4.9.2 of the Chain of Custody standard, PEFC ST 2002:2020.

Forest owner/manager

· Core Documents

PEFC ST 1003:2018: Sustainable Forest Management – Requirements

This benchmark lays out the international requirements for sustainable forest management. Developed by a working group with representation of all relevant stakeholders, it describes the criteria and indicators we believe are vital for the sustainable management of a forest. Every national forest management standard must address these requirements to achieve PEFC endorsement.

PEFC ST 1002:2018: Group Forest Management – Requirements

This benchmark defines the general requirements for national forest certification systems with group forest management certification. Stakeholders use this benchmark when they develop their national group certification requirements. It covers aspects such as the minimum requirements for internal monitoring and auditing within a certified group – a vital process if group certification is to be effective.

· Additional Documents

Covid-19: Sustainable forest management guidance for certification bodies and certified companies

Guidance for sustainable forest management auditing of PEFC certified companies affected by restrictions due to COVID-19.





In response to growing demand for training on our global forest certification programme, the PEFC team has developed a user-friendly, e-learning platform – PEFC Essentials. Free of charge to PEFC-certified companies, the training comprises six key learning modules.

Module 1: Why Forests Matter?

Module 2: What is PEFC?

Module 3: How Do We Do It?

Module 4: Delivering Impacts

Module 5: From Local Forest to Global Market

Module 6: PEFC Benefits for Business

Bonus Module: Frequently Asked Questions and Answers.

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