TFIC and the role that it can play in the new Bio-Circular Green Economy in Thailand

Thailand is embracing sustainability – with the national government announcing the Bio-Circular Green economy (BCG) initiative as a central pillar of their national economic agenda for 2021-2026. This signals a shift away from wasteful practices and profit maximization towards a sustainable, circular economy in Thailand at the national level.

With discarded furniture responsible for 42% of large-sized waste in the city of Bangkok, the Thai Furniture Industries Club (TFIC), as a member of ASEAN Furniture Industries Council has an opportunity to play a key role in the BCG initiative. By promoting the procurement of sustainably sourced wood and upcycling techniques throughout the furniture value stream – such as repurposing discarded furniture to be used in other products – TFIC can embrace the principles of the BCG and work towards true sustainability-in-action in the Thai furniture supply chain. This commitment also works within the sustainability roadmap developed by AFIC in cooperation with PEFC International.

You can find an article on our sustainability roadmap here:…/afic-and-pefc-create-a…

If you are also a furniture manufacturer, designer or retailer in the ASEAN region, and committed to sustainability, reach out to us to help tell your story at [email protected]

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